Tattoo Ring Cup Embroidered eyebrow drifting lip tattoo color cup top texture tool supplies grafted eyelash glue tray

Tattoo Ring Cup Embroidered eyebrow drifting lip tattoo color cup top texture tool supplies grafted eyelash glue tray

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Operating tools, ripple embroidered worker supplies.

Very good value to marry the eyelashes gel, the eyelash, the eyelashes are faster, convenient.

The tattoory tabular ring is used in the finger when it is embroidered, which is convenient for the color, which is small and convenient, clean and hygienic.

Product Specifications: 100 / Pack

5 kinds of rings are available for choice: small numbers without separation, small numbers are separated, medium no separation,

The large size is not separated, the large size is separated,

Tips: Contact customer service before you need to take the customer service or shoot according to 100 multiple


The two small cups have the same diameter: 13mm Medium Cup diameter: about 14mm

Two larger cups have the same diameter: 17mm









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