1818 Hengshi brow brow brow powder lasting waterproof anti-sweat does not decolor student hard core cross-border film building eyebrow pencil

1818 Hengshi brow brow brow powder lasting waterproof anti-sweat does not decolor student hard core cross-border film building eyebrow pencil

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1818 pull eyebrow pencil

The studio can use eyebrow pen! Please look"丝",

Easy to make a makeup, long-ready time, not easy for makeup,

useCable settingReplacing the old-fashioned complex procedure,

Every time you need it, just pull the top of the eyebrow pin, you will pull it down!


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Automation production, bid farewell to the unregulated pennies, short short!

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The color is natural, the texture is smooth, can be used according to the color, easy to make a makeup, long time, not easy for makeup!



Please observe the warranty of Hendo Brown, quality!

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Each eyebrow pen has an independent transparent cover to prevent accidental lead in writing!

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The total length of the eyebrow is 18cm, gold-plated, fashion and beautiful, atmospheric, very cost-effective!

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Each color number 12 has a packaging! ! Alone eyebrow pen without packaging!


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Products are in line with national standards, packaging with product industrial and commercial registration numbers, production licenses, health licenses, etc.

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 【Baby introduction】

No needle pen knife, can be pulled. When you use the eyebrow, you can continue to use it, you can continue to use, easy to color, color nature, and durable! It has always been a wide range of products in the studio and each cosmetic store. Professional makeup artists like to use this style.Easy color. Not easy. The touch is soft, the color is very suitable for thrips. The eyebrows are not easy to get drank, very meticulous, keep the whole day for a whole day.

Professional makeup artist uses the extension pulling eyebrow pencil, which is more 40% compared to the general eyebrow pen, more durable, is 3 to 4 times the service life of the general eyebrow pen, and the lubrication is easy to apply, nature. The eyebrow pen in the form of the duck mouth is called you, no matter how you draw a line, you can master it! (Three kinds of brown, suitable for various makeup)

Beautiful small post:A beautiful makeup face, with a makeup for 50%, the eyebrows account for 20%, which is very important to see a eyebrows suitable for you. Nowadays, 99% of the eyebrow pencil are all pencil shapes. In fact, this kind of eyebrow pen is not natural. When I look at it, I know that it is carefully repaired, the makeup is very strong, lacks natural feelings; either is a dead eyebrow, There is no stereotype. Professional eyebrow pencil can change your trouble, whether you are already a makeup master, or the initial makeup, it is simple to youTools that should be worn. Have makeup is a hunting.

In order to make eyebrows more vivid, it is recommended to use at least 2 color eyebrows, before shallow(Tail of the head)In this way, the eyebrows have three-dimensional feelings, which seems to be more vivid.

In addition, the eyebrow core troved in the eyebrow pen must not be thrown away, find a small box to save, these are DD! Brush the broken piece with eyebrow powder, on the eyebrows, the effect is very good, very natural, the general eyebrow powder can not reach this effect.

【Baby features】

◆ Optics, modify eyebrows, make eyebrows clearer.
◆ The color is natural, the texture is smooth, and it can be used according to the colorishness.
◆ During sensitivity and skin testing, the opportunity to cause allergies and stimuli is reduced.
◆ Do not contain spices, not easy to block pores.


Sharp the eyebrow pencil shape, very easy to paint, easy to color.Use easy to use a pen knife, just pull it.