12 Homemade Easter ornaments

Who does not love the homemade Easter ornaments  ? These days I made a little research to see the new ideas of Easter ornaments, in order to decorate my home this year. I found some magnificent ideas and I wanted to show you too, how creative and fun are some decorations. 1. Make an Egg Shaped Easter Basket From String 2. DIY Easter Egg Basket from Thread … Continue reading 12 Homemade Easter ornaments

DIY- Valentine`s Day Card

This article reminds me of the time there wasn’t today’s technology and of the period when you verified the mail, you could see other stuff but bills. I think the cards will come back, especially when they are handmade. The Valentine’s Day card should not be missing on February 14. It is true that now find Valentine`s Day cards everywhere. But it will mean more to … Continue reading DIY- Valentine`s Day Card

10 Decorative ideas for Valentine’s Day

I selected a few decorative ideas for Valentine’s Day which I very much like and I think you will like them too. Valentine’s Day is the day in which, every year, lovers from all over the world make all sorts of gifts, celebrating the love that binds them, but this holiday hasn’t always had such an importance, but got contour with the passing of time. … Continue reading 10 Decorative ideas for Valentine’s Day

Ideas for decorating your Christmas table

Christmas is approaching quickly. We must make sure everything looks perfect. Decorate the Christmas tree, put the shiniest and most beautiful decoration at our place.  How about the Christmas table? A nicely arranged table, with tableware, accessories and specific decorative elements will complete the holiday atmosphere. The traditional family lunch will be a real spoiling. With a little bit of fantasy and skill, you can have … Continue reading Ideas for decorating your Christmas table

Handmade Christmas tree ornament

I love Christmas and all that means Christmas ornaments. Today I will show you my last creation regarding Christmas ornaments. All you need is: a globe that separates into two halves (the globe I used can be personalized), glue, gun glue, a tree cone (I used one that I decorated, you can see how in this link http://madeby-u.com/2015/11/15/christmas-tree-ornament/ ), a star for the top of … Continue reading Handmade Christmas tree ornament

My little Snowman – DIY Project

Today I checked my skills by making 2 Christmas ornaments. All I needed was lots of patience and creativity. All started from a plaintive jar which I found in the kitchen and which I hesitated in throwing away. The little jar vs the My little snowman You need paint (watercolor), brushes, markers, textile material for the hat (I used a cut sock), a thread, a strong … Continue reading My little Snowman – DIY Project

Ideas for decorating your Christmas tree

The smell of the Christmas tree, the steamed windows, the decorations and everything else that means Christmas brings me to life. Holidays are as festive as you make them – so do not wait for an instant flood of Christmas spirit – you start creating it.For me, there is no celebration more filled with magic and joy than Christmas. The big shops come with all … Continue reading Ideas for decorating your Christmas tree

DIY – Christmas tree ornament…

“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.” (Charles Dickens) There is so much time and will start the Christmas season, I’m going to show you one of the things that I love to make Christmas accessories. Give your Christmas tree a heartfelt touch of homemade with this fun and easy ornament. You can see in the pictures below … Continue reading DIY – Christmas tree ornament…