5 Stunning models of jeans – DIY Projects

This article is about how you can transform your old jeans. Each of us have jeans that we no longer wear. Fashion changes from day to day, which cost us a lot. Why give money on new clothes every time, when we can create ourselves to our liking clothes and money saving. I selected some great ideas for recycling jeans. 1. DIY Jeans You will … Continue reading 5 Stunning models of jeans – DIY Projects

Amazing Wedding Invitations – DIY

In this article I want to show you some  amazing wedding invitations  that you can make at home. Wedding invitations are like the business card  for your event, but you should not invest a lot of money. Whether you want personalized invitations with your picture or you want a classic model must consider to be in tune with your wedding theme. It takes hard work … Continue reading Amazing Wedding Invitations – DIY

Photo Frames Ideas & Tutorials- DIY

Photo frames are and have been the most important accessories in the house. We take pictures when we are happy or when an important moment in our life, wedding, anniversary, graduation, etc. We can create unique frames that match the context photo or design of our house. I selected a few (tutorials) brilliant ideas photo frames.  Photo frames Wood frames are my favorites. Regardless of … Continue reading Photo Frames Ideas & Tutorials- DIY

How to customize your jewelry box

Today I want to share with you my last project, a personalized jewelry box. My friend’s birthday is coming up and I thought of giving her a pair of earrings, but besides those I wanted to make something original. So I thought of a little box for the earrings, box which I personalized very easily. What you need: prints on laser printer, transfer gel, wooden … Continue reading How to customize your jewelry box

How to make an exquisite candle holder

I love perfumed candled and especially if I have a beautiful holder to match the elements in my bedroom. Today I decided to share with you how I made the perfect candle holder for my bedroom. Bright stones can be found in different shapes and colors, I used these colors because these are predominant in my bedroom. You can choose any color to fit with … Continue reading How to make an exquisite candle holder

Choose a personalized wedding invitation

You can have a personalized wedding invitation with minimum costs very easily. If you don’t have a good photo with your fiancé, do not worry. Do a makeover and take a friend with you to the park, ask him to take some photos of you either with a camera (which I recommend)or with a telephone with a camera of minimum 8 megapixels. Even if the … Continue reading Choose a personalized wedding invitation

DIY – Wedding glasses for the grooms

Wedding glasses are my favorite projects. These days a friend asked me to make a set of wedding glasses and I told her I would happily do it, especially knowing that I can share this with you. What I found odd was the chosen colors; I tried convincing her that the groom’s glass should have a darker color, but I didn’t succeed. So I had … Continue reading DIY – Wedding glasses for the grooms

A red glass of champagne for the bride – DIY

This wedding glass is one of my favorite projects. You must be wondering why, besides all wedding decorations, you must also have wedding glasses. I’ll tell you: because these glasses are like business card, with which you receive the guests. And not last, it is an accessory which will not be unobserved by any guest. Before choosing the decorative elements, you must pay attention to the theme … Continue reading A red glass of champagne for the bride – DIY