5 DIY projects adorable – coffee table

Whether coffee tables are made of metal, wood, plastic or glass, have an important role in our home decor. It is true that furniture stores offers us a wide variety of models, but with a tight budget we can  make ourselves. Today the Internet is full of DIY projects  from where we can inspire. I selected some amazing ideas. 1.Cable Spool Coffee Table This beautiful … Continue reading 5 DIY projects adorable – coffee table

5 Stunning models of jeans – DIY Projects

This article is about how you can transform your old jeans. Each of us have jeans that we no longer wear. Fashion changes from day to day, which cost us a lot. Why give money on new clothes every time, when we can create ourselves to our liking clothes and money saving. I selected some great ideas for recycling jeans. 1. DIY Jeans You will … Continue reading 5 Stunning models of jeans – DIY Projects

Amazing Wedding Invitations – DIY

In this article I want to show you some  amazing wedding invitations  that you can make at home. Wedding invitations are like the business card  for your event, but you should not invest a lot of money. Whether you want personalized invitations with your picture or you want a classic model must consider to be in tune with your wedding theme. It takes hard work … Continue reading Amazing Wedding Invitations – DIY

12 Briliant Ideas of Flower Pots

Who does not love flowers? I think that one garden without flowers is very poor. You can use wood, stone, plastic or other materials in order to create some beautiful pots. That can complement your garden design. The flower pots with nice design, roomy and easy to maintain and placed anywhere in the garden. Flowers placed in pots is the easiest option and accessible to have a beautiful garden, … Continue reading 12 Briliant Ideas of Flower Pots

Photo Frames Ideas & Tutorials- DIY

Photo frames are and have been the most important accessories in the house. We take pictures when we are happy or when an important moment in our life, wedding, anniversary, graduation, etc. We can create unique frames that match the context photo or design of our house. I selected a few (tutorials) brilliant ideas photo frames.  Photo frames Wood frames are my favorites. Regardless of … Continue reading Photo Frames Ideas & Tutorials- DIY

10 ideas for decorating the yard with used tires

Do you have used tires and you do not know what to do with them? Well, tires can become perfect the decorations or flowers pot in your yard. With little money and a lot of creativity you can create a beautiful place. All the neighbors will envy you for your creativity. All you need is a lot of tires and paint. This operation you can do … Continue reading 10 ideas for decorating the yard with used tires