New furniture in 6 Steps

The furniture defines our house. Each of us, want a home more beautiful. It must be certainly an object in the house that you consider to be changed, even if you do not have a big budget for this can make a reconditioning using paint, brush, and sandpaper.
If the furniture is wooden, you must choose paint for wood. The paint for wood can be glossy, matte, pearl etc.

Painting a piece of furniture is easily accomplished if you follow all this steps.

1. You must to clean piece of furniture
2. It is necessary to remove with sandpaper the first layer of the furniture which usually is glossy. This step is the most important for the new paint to be applied correctly.
3. After removal of the first layer, must clean it with rag to remove dust.
4. Now you can apply the paint. Paint can be applied with a spray gun or brush with soft bristles or a sponge roller.
If you want to make a drawing, I suggest you use a soft-bristled brush thin.

5. You have to let the first coat dry and then use fine sandpaper to polish delicately, after clean with soft rag to remove the excess.
6. Apply the second coat of paint. If you believe that you must longer apply another layer of paint, repeat the procedure.

Many people use this procedure to change something in their home. You can use a template that you can buy from specialty stores to draw and to make a work of art from your furniture.

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