12 Briliant Ideas of Flower Pots

Who does not love flowers? I think that one garden without flowers is very poor. You can use wood, stone, plastic or other materials in order to create some beautiful pots. That can complement your garden design. The flower pots with nice design, roomy and easy to maintain and placed anywhere in the garden.

Flowers placed in pots is the easiest option and accessible to have a beautiful garden, it is especially suited to small spaces that do not allow for many variations. These can be placed on shelves, on several levels, on balconies and terraces, even on sidewalks.
You can not imagine how many ways are to embellish the garden with flowers. I thought to show you some flower pots that liked me very much.

DIY – Flowers pots

Flowers pots
Photo Source & Tutorial
Outdoor flower pots – A vertical, stepped plants container
Photo Source


 Old boots – new decoration
Photo Source


Vertical herb garden – Flower Decoration
Photo Source & Tutorial

 Cask is perfect for flowers
Photo Source

 My bike – Flower pot



Beautiful colorful pots 
Photo Source

 Garden Pots Bulk
Photo Source

River rock flower pots
Photo Source


Hedgehog Planter – Plastic Bottle
Photo Source & Tutorial

Turn Old Dresser into Garden Planter
Photo Source

 Original arrange potted plants
Flower pots
Photo Source

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