How to customize your jewelry box

Today I want to share with you my last project, a personalized jewelry box. My friend’s birthday is coming up and I thought of giving her a pair of earrings, but besides those I wanted to make something original. So I thought of a little box for the earrings, box which I personalized very easily.

What you need: prints on laser printer, transfer gel, wooden box for the jewelry and decorative elements. I chose purple as the predominant color because it is her favorite color. Be careful, the image is preferably to be printed 24 hours prior.


Apply on the wooden box a layer of approximately 1-2mm, put the print with the image downwards and press really strong. Attention! While pressing the paper, do not touch the transfer gel on the edges with your fingers. Let it dry a minimum of 30 minutes, I recommend 4-5 hours.


20160306_144004 20160306_144743


After drying, cover the box with paper using a brush and also your fingers and rub until you get down all the paper.

20160306_165858_001 20160306_170021


At the end, isolate with a lacquer based on water or solvent. I added some pearls to make the box a little more beautiful, knowing that my friend likes pearls.

20160306_173313 20160306_17334020160306_175848

…and that’s it, your jewelry box!!!

jewelry box



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