How to make an exquisite candle holder

I love perfumed candled and especially if I have a beautiful holder to match the elements in my bedroom. Today I decided to share with you how I made the perfect candle holder for my bedroom.

Bright stones can be found in different shapes and colors, I used these colors because these are predominant in my bedroom. You can choose any color to fit with the place where you want to put it. I used a jam jar, I very much liked its shape. In case the jar is not new, I advise you to wash it with degreasing detergent. All you need is a jar, good glue (I used silicone which I applied on each stone using a cotton swab) and bright stones.

Start sticking the stones on the jar from the bottom to the top and continue this process until you have filled all the jar.


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Leave everything to dry for a few hours or until the next day.

Enjoy your candle holder.

candle holder

I hope you like this article!!!

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