Choose a personalized wedding invitation

You can have a personalized wedding invitation with minimum costs very easily. If you don’t have a good photo with your fiancé, do not worry. Do a makeover and take a friend with you to the park, ask him to take some photos of you either with a camera (which I recommend)or with a telephone with a camera of minimum 8 megapixels. Even if the invitation doesn’t seem extravagant, you must think it is original because it is with your picture. Who would want to put a picture of you on their wedding invitation, right?

After selecting the desired picture, edit the photo and the invitation on the dimension 4 inches/6 inches.

Don’t forget to check the information twice, as not to get the date, hour or location wrong. If you haven’t used editing programs before, search for a tutorial or ask for specialist help or a friend who has worked with such programs.

When the invitation is in the final format, you can print it at home on a glossy or matte cardboard, or you can go to a photography store.  In this case, I went to a photography store where they print on a photo laboratory.


Usually, you can find the tracing paper  in A4 measurement, so from a sheet of tracing paper you can create two invitations (I chose to print the initials, you can choose to print something else such as the wedding rings, doves, champagne glasses etc ).

Cut the tracing paper into two pieces and fold it at the middle like in this photo.

tracing paper

At the left of the printed text and photo, apply a double duct tape on the front and on the back, careful that the duct tape isn’t wider than 1/5 inches.

20160221_192104 20160221_192143 20160221_192228 20160221_192304

After sticking the double duct tape, carefully stick the tracing paper.

20160221_192341 20160221_192357

In the right side of the invitation apply a double duct tape with a small width, and subsequently apply a ribbon.

20160221_192659 20160221_192744 20160221_193120

From the same model of ribbon you can make a small bow which you can stick with a glue gun.

20160221_193656 20160221_193718

And there’s your personalized wedding invitation!

personalized wedding invitation

I hope you enjoyed this article !!!

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