12 Briliant Ideas of Flower Pots

Who does not love flowers? I think that one garden without flowers is very poor. You can use wood, stone, plastic or other materials in order to create some beautiful pots. That can complement your garden design. The flower pots with nice design, roomy and easy to maintain and placed anywhere in the garden. Flowers placed in pots is the easiest option and accessible to have a beautiful garden, … Continue reading 12 Briliant Ideas of Flower Pots

Photo Frames Ideas & Tutorials- DIY

Photo frames are and have been the most important accessories in the house. We take pictures when we are happy or when an important moment in our life, wedding, anniversary, graduation, etc. We can create unique frames that match the context photo or design of our house. I selected a few (tutorials) brilliant ideas photo frames.  Photo frames Wood frames are my favorites. Regardless of … Continue reading Photo Frames Ideas & Tutorials- DIY

10 ideas for decorating the yard with used tires

Do you have used tires and you do not know what to do with them? Well, tires can become perfect the decorations or flowers pot in your yard. With little money and a lot of creativity you can create a beautiful place. All the neighbors will envy you for your creativity. All you need is a lot of tires and paint. This operation you can do … Continue reading 10 ideas for decorating the yard with used tires

12 Homemade Easter ornaments

Who does not love the homemade Easter ornaments  ? These days I made a little research to see the new ideas of Easter ornaments, in order to decorate my home this year. I found some magnificent ideas and I wanted to show you too, how creative and fun are some decorations. 1. Make an Egg Shaped Easter Basket From String 2. DIY Easter Egg Basket from Thread … Continue reading 12 Homemade Easter ornaments

How to customize your jewelry box

Today I want to share with you my last project, a personalized jewelry box. My friend’s birthday is coming up and I thought of giving her a pair of earrings, but besides those I wanted to make something original. So I thought of a little box for the earrings, box which I personalized very easily. What you need: prints on laser printer, transfer gel, wooden … Continue reading How to customize your jewelry box

How to make an exquisite candle holder

I love perfumed candled and especially if I have a beautiful holder to match the elements in my bedroom. Today I decided to share with you how I made the perfect candle holder for my bedroom. Bright stones can be found in different shapes and colors, I used these colors because these are predominant in my bedroom. You can choose any color to fit with … Continue reading How to make an exquisite candle holder

Choose a personalized wedding invitation

You can have a personalized wedding invitation with minimum costs very easily. If you don’t have a good photo with your fiancé, do not worry. Do a makeover and take a friend with you to the park, ask him to take some photos of you either with a camera (which I recommend)or with a telephone with a camera of minimum 8 megapixels. Even if the … Continue reading Choose a personalized wedding invitation